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Build a Stable and Wildly Profitable Ecommerce Business

I finally realized that helping others recreate my own success is an even more valuable currency than what I was making with my business. My students results are my most prized accomplishment. When you're working on something greater than yourself, you find meaning in the massive impact you make on the every day lives of other people..

Jon Mac

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57 Chapters


The Discovery

How I discovered the Ecommerce goldmine. When my life as a realtor and dream of becoming a DJ wasn't working out for me, I desperately turned to the internet. What started off as a last resort became a career that would propel me to build an eCommerce empire.


The Workplace War Zone

My experience working for other people wasn't just poorly paid, it was dangerous too. When you work for a company, it's survival will come before your welfare.


The Great Escape

How I quit my job and why I'll never go back to being an employee. My journey to becoming an entrepreneur was planned and well thought out. Only when I had the funds and the knowledge that I would be able to survive on my own did I take the leap and quit.


The Ecommerce Revolution

Why I believe that being an employee has it's limitations. Learn to think outside the box and change your mindset. Instead of needing to be employed, generate an income through sales and marketing online.


The Life-Changing Moment

The screenshot that changed my life. It's total revenue from one online store and in less than a year. My students have changed their lives too with their life-changing screenshots.


The Biggest Lie

Most people have a trigger or some life event that shocks them to the core. That feeling of being betrayed by a system that doesn't provide you with a good standard of living. Being an employee, collecting university degrees; maybe these aren't the answer.


The Harmful Workplace

Trust in yourself for an income. If it doesn't make sense for a company to keep their employees, they will 'restructure' without hesitation. There is no such thing as job security.


The Need To Sell

Produce and sell. This is the future. You need to be able to do things that can't be replaced by automation. Ecommerce is paving the way for the little guy to get a piece of the retail pie. 


The Foundation Of A Business

You are the foundation of your business. If you haven't got your head on straight, your business will struggle. It's time to open your mind to what it really means to be your own boss.


The Entrepreneur Life

Forget flashy cars and private jets. The entrepreneur life can be a lonely one. Understand the reality of what it takes to own a successful business.


The Accumulation Of Wealth

What's your relationship with money? How you see money will help you invest and grow your business in a healthy way.


The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

Being an entrepreneur will expose you to a lot of emotions. Some of them will be negative, like fear, frustration, anger, laziness. By realizing that everyone struggles with these feelings, push through to the other side and beat out all the competition that have already given up.


The Personality Traits Of Success

Here are some characteristics that I've identified as successful traits for entrepreneurs. Focus, patience, humility, and environment scanning, to mention a few. This positive mindset will raise your probability of success.


The Motivated Mind

One of the biggest struggles is staying motivated. Without a boss breathing down your neck, the only person who will get the ship to stay on course, is you.


The Probability Of Success

Look around you. Are your surroundings priming you for success? Don't underestimate the power of your environment. If you have too many distractions, you are lowering your probability of success.


The Life Of Action

Learn to take action without becoming paralyzed by information overload. Remember that success requires action.


The Ticking Clock

Time is your biggest asset. More than money, because you can always make more, but you can't make more time. Once you realize this, you need identify and remove the time wasters in your life.


The Balanced Life

The entrepreneur's nemesis is a balanced life. We're known for being obsessive and maybe even selfish. But what's the ultimate goal? Maybe it's not monetary. Maybe it's more time with the family, more relaxation, more happiness.


The Death Of Brick-And-Mortar

Some stats on the changing landscape of retail and how the future of consumerism is online. Online stores have the advantage of low overhead costs and not being geographically limited.


The Current State Of Retail

Brands in brick and mortar stores are starting to adjust to the market by creating a better experience buying. It's the only way to compete with online deals.


The Building Of An Asset

How building an Ecommerce store builds you an asset compared to Amazon, Etsy or Ebay. This is an asset you can sell down the road, either for the revenue it's generating or the very valuable email list of buyers you've accumulated.


The Guru Jungle

There are a lot of Ecommerce gurus out there, so how do you choose who to follow? Many of my students have been burned by scammers falsifying success. Look for testimonials and a decent following. 


The Simplest Business Model

Ecommerce broken down into 6 points. Simple is always best.


The Tools You Need

There are a few things you'll need to start your Ecommerce adventure. It's not much and not difficult to get. I just love how easy it is to get into this business.


The Boring Stuff You Need To Know

Accounting, law, math. Don't you wish you paid more attention in math class? But how can you calculate how much money you're making, if you can't track your numbers?


The Terminology Of Ecommerce

It's like a second language to me now, but us marketers talk in CPMs, CPAs and CTRs. Learn how to speak Ecommerce.


The Creation of Your Brand

Branding your store is what's going to set you apart from your competition. Let's pick a domain name, logo and colors.


The Anatomy Of Your Website

Map out the layout of your website. Navigation, headers/footers, home page, collections, etc.


The Apps To Set Up

There are a lot of apps out there, so don't get lost installing everything. CommerceHQ only has the necessary apps to get your site optimized for the most sales.


The Copy In The Email

Emails are how we communicate with our customers. Either through abandon cart sequences, thank you emails, or other customer support.


The Methods Of Payment

I include the very important methods of being paid! There are pros and cons to different merchants.


The Website Conversion Checklist

Make sure you do these things before going 'live'. Don't waste money on ads until you've checked that your store is operational on mobile and desktop.


The Ecommerce Business Models

There are a few different ways to sell online. And different ways to fulfil your products.


The Secret To Proven Products

Product selection is the most asked about question I get from students. I go through how to search and pick the products that are actually going to sell.


The Margin In The Price

The price of a product determines a lot. It determines whether the product is an attractive buy for your customer and also determines your margin so that you can profit. You need to move your product price up and down until you find the perfect number.


The Facebook Ad Platform

Facebook ads is the most powerful advertising platform in the world. Learn about the different departments within Facebook ads and how they affect your business.


The Business Manager And Ad Accounts

Learn how to structure your Business Manager and Ad Accounts. The Business Manager is where you'll create your Ad Accounts.


The Magic Of The Pixel

Your pixel carries information about your website visitors. Facebook uses this to optimize and get you sales. Learn how to place your pixel and create custom audiences that are specific to finding the customers who will buy your product.


The Ad Account Structure

The Ad Accounts are where you'll launch and optimize ads. These are very important to structure properly to allow Facebook to find you the right customers.


The Ad Creative

The Ad Creative is what your ad looks like and says. There are different kinds of ads. Some are images of varying sizes and some can be videos or carousels. Learn which is best for different occasions. 


The Rules Of Ad Set Up

Facebook works best when it's setup in a specific way. Learn what to restrict and what not to restrict in setting up your ads.


The Different Types Of Targeting

Targeting helps Facebook understand which audiences would best respond to your product. There are many different ways to target, including by precise or broad interests. If you target incorrectly, Facebook will find the wrong people and you won't get the sale.


The Roi And Roas

Two metrics you'll want to familiarize yourself with are ROI and ROAS. ROI is return on investment and ROAS is your return on your ad spend. Calculating these daily will give your business direction.


The Winning Product

When you find a winning product, you'll want to be off to the races. Learn how to identify when you've found one and what to do about it!


The Optimizing Rulebook

Understand that the metrics that are coming back to you is precious. These reports will tell you what your customers are doing. If they're clicking, abandoning cart, or buying. Optimize your ads so that only the best ones remain and interpret the data to find out if you need to adjust your ad or price.


The Custom Audience

The Custom Audience is an audience Facebook creates specifically from the data you feed it. This is so important for your business, because it's custom to your store and product. You should receive high conversions from this audience type.


The Retargeting Goldmine

Retargeting will give you your highest conversions. These are people who have clicked your ad, visited your store, added to cart, and/or bought. Because they've shown interest in your product, they are the mostly likely to buy or even buy again.


The Scaling Methods

My favorite part of Facebook Ads is scaling. This is when everything is optimized and you are ready to make the big bucks. You'll increase ad spend, but also increase revenue and profit.


The Management Of Fulfilment

Fulfilment is the back end. After you get the sale, your job isn't done. Time to get the product to the customer.


The Customer Experience

Making sure the customer has a good experience buying on your store is important for repeat business. It also helps lower refunds, or bad reviews. Learn how to send great emails to your customers and keep them happy.


The Freedom In The Formula

It's time to outsource. You are only one person and there are many easy tasks that can be outsourced to someone else. It's come full circle, because now, you're an employer.


The Building Of A Team

How do you choose the right staff? I'll show you how to do this and where to find great virtual assistants. Remember, because you're online, you can hire from anywhere in the world.


The Tools To Keep Your Team Organized

Just like your environment is integral to your productivity, your staff need a good place to work. Learn how to be a great boss and keep your team organized with organizational tools like reports and video calls.


Planning Promotions

There are certain times of the year like Christmas, Mother's day, Father's day, that see an increase in sales. But you can only capitalize on those occasions if you plan for them. Plan out your year with promotions relating to these holidays.


The Boss You Always Wanted

Don't forget what it's like to be an employee. It might not have been for you, but it doesn't mean you need to look down on, or treat your employees like lesser citizens. You are the leader now, and making sure your employees are happy, challenged and communicative, will ensure you have a better business.


The Need For A Different Platform

CommerceHQ is a labor of love and comes from a dissatisfying experience with the current platforms out there. I solve all the problems I had with the other Ecommerce platforms with CommerceHQ, including the hefty price tag when all the necessary apps are added. CommerceHQ also has much more support for Ecommerce entrepreneurs including product search and weekly Q&As. It's what I wish I had when I started out in this business.


The Ecommerce Trajectory

The future of Ecommerce is bright! It's still in it's infancy, but customers are getting used to buying online and marketing entrepreneurs are taking advantage of low competition. People will always want to buy things and what better place to be than online when the entire world can be your customer.

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